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Rain - I Do

While Rain is mostly known for his dance numbers, I’ve always had a soft spot for his more ballad-y and mid-tempo songs that really show off his voice. Most people forget that he is actually the whole package - he can sing and dance, it’s just the dance songs don’t have as much melodic range.

This has got to be one of my favourite songs by him. It’s quite upbeat with a little groove, young and happy - hell, I’d say “I Do” to him too. The video is cringe-worthy, as with most old pop videos, and of course, they had to slot in a dance break even for this kind of song (which only appears in the video, and not the song proper). The smiley Rain brings back memories of him in Full House (the best thing in the whole drama, his young dorky self), a younger era, and you really get to appreciate how far he has come, but also recognize that he deserves the attention and praise that he gets.

Ultimately, the music video is just one aspect of the song, and while the music video is dated, the song isn’t. One may get tired of the video, but the song is fun, smooth and something I turn to when I’m looking for some light-hearted fuzz.

Indina Menzel - Let It Go

[As expected, I’m behind on posting. I guess this gives me a chance to do several in succession!]

I was a bit wary of watching Disney films having been burned by a few more recent ones (my last good one was The Incredibles), but I’m glad I watched this one. It had a bit of the princess-story flavor that I loved from the more classic (read: old) Disney movies, but injected with more up-to-date themes and humour. It also helped that all the songs were good, but this particular number topped the cake as I was already singing this when I left the cinema.

The tale of two sisters should have a greater impact on me, but then I don’t have an exactly loving relationship with my sister. What resonated with me most was “Be the good girl you always have to be”, something never voiced but always felt by me as the eldest one. And this was her (i.e. my) chance to be free.

When Elsa proclaims her freedom, her first “Let it go”, really brought tears to my eyes (I mean, who cries at Disney films?). The build-up of emotions and background music of the first verse to suddenly break into a tentative chorus, filled with wonderment, coupled with the beautifully animated frost made me think that maybe, I could do the same too. For the rest of the song, she comes into her own and sashays across the floor makes me wish that I could be her too.

Now if only I am brave enough to “let it go”.

郭富城 [梅艷芳] - 夢伴

[I was debating what song to feature next, but given this being fresh in my mind, I thought it’d be better to feature this now.]

I’ve always been a fan of Aaron Kwok, not a huge crazy one, but he was definitely my favourite out of the Four Heavenly Kings (old skool!). It was even enough to garner my attending one of his concerts during high school and he has always delivered, even most recently at the MAMA 2013 in Hong Kong. The dude is 50 (close enough), yet he still manages to sing and dance live, both proficiently well. At the MAMA, it was no small feat considering all the young’uns around him, who may have more taxing dances, but were most definitely not singing live, or even singing at all.

Anita Mui was never a singer I paid much attention to, given that my parents don’t listen to Cantonese songs from that era, and she would have predated most of my childhood. I recognize some of her songs and appreciate them more for the song itself, rather than her as a performer. It was only after her death when I heard more of her songs and began to appreciate the deep quality of her singing voice, something that is rare in Canto-pop singing circles and one where no voice has been able to replicate.

It is here, this performance which Aaron Kwok pays tribute to Anita, the “Daughter of Hong Kong”. Watching the whole concert (which was tastefully done), this was the performance which struck me the most. The elegant, classical setting was befitting of a tribute concert but would have been difficult to show off the pop and glitz of her faster songs (case in point: Miriam Yeung, William So etc.), yet the electric showmanship of Aaron Kwok with his glittered suit gives just enough pizzazz to make his performance sparkle above all the other star performers. This performance not only showcases Aaron’s talents, sealing his place as one of best performers in Hong Kong, but lives up to the legend that is Anita.

IU - Red Shoes

I’m not a fan of things all cute and girly, particularly aegyo, which is why I never really took to IU’s previous works. I appreciated her voice, but her own songs were borderline too cute for my liking. While she had matured a bit for You & I (about time!), I was waiting to hear Modern Times and what she had to offer. And it lived up to the teasers.

Red Shoes is the title track, and also my favourite song off the album (there are a few close behind). It’s so full of energy, and I guess because I’m writing this when it’s cold and wintery, just singing “SUMMER TIME” makes me long for the summer. From what I gather, that’s what the lyrics kind of refer to. I must admit to not understanding what the song is about, but who cares? (Apologies to lyricists, I’ve never been good with lyrics.)The video is fun, the dance is fun and it’s just so kpop, yet not standard kpop. Does anyone get my drift?

Her voice is a little breathy, a little girlish, mixed in with some jazz and (I think) some kind of French style? AWESOME. Are there any French songs like this? This kind of voice, this kind of timbre? I wouldn’t mind if someone directed me there, because this just introduced a whole new genre which I never thought I’d like. Maybe I’m getting old, but I feel I’m moving away from bubblegum pop and gravitating towards a jazzier sound.

Anyway, here’s to a more mature IU!

Hello 2014

Just thought about starting writing on tumblr again (I’d been thinking about it on and off) and came to visit, only to find that the last time I posted was a little note to myself, this time last year. I guess tumblr is where I reminisce about the year and make plans for the new!

A quick note on things that happened this year -
· Still allergic, but much better than previously. I guess acupuncture (*eeek!) really helps.
· Went to the MAMAs again. Saw Big Bang again. Oh, and GD earlier on in the year too!
· Taeyang came into our shop again, albeit only for 5 minutes. But still, he remembered us!

It’s sad that at this particular moment, I can only sum up this year in terms of my health and kpop. But what better way than to start the year (2 days early) with some goals?

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14 Steps That Will Evolve Your Views On Same-Sex Marriage.


14 Steps That Will Evolve Your Views On Same-Sex Marriage.

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Latest addition to the family. We don’t have a name for him yet…


Meant to be concentrating on my thesis (what’s new) but have lost some of the resolve that I had over the past few days. Or maybe it never really existed? Dun dun dun…

When you’re at the stage in life of having graduated from university for a few years, you will come into contact with this little gem - REUNIONS. Looks weird in CAPS. Reunions.

High school reunion, university reunion, XXX club reunion, primary school reunion, and I’ve heard of KINDERGARTEN reunions…the list goes on and on and on. Really, it’s just meant to be a time for people to meet after several years and discuss what’s going on in their lives, catch up with each other and reminisce the ‘old days’.

I’m beginning to hate these things. Re-phrase. I dread these things.

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are you me


are you me

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